Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You Or Loves You (Truths Are REVEALED…!)

Are you having a crush on a Cancer man?

Talking about this guy – he is the type that may be tough on the outside yet sensitive on the inside, displaying moods shift all the time. But when it comes to romance, he makes a passionate partner who loves to please his loved one.

How do you know if a Cancer man is interested in you?

While some men are very open about their feelings, others tend to keep their sentiment under wraps until they feel more confident and connected.

Each sign has its own way of expressing attraction and desire. Thus, to get clues about a male Cancerian, it’s better to have a deeper understanding about his astrological sign. Once you know clearly the subtlety of this man’s sun sign, you can easily decode his level of interest.

The issue is: understanding signs a Cancer man shows interest is a truly challenge.

When it comes to love, the sign of the Crab is one of the most difficult signs to figure out. A man born under this zodiac sign is famous for his self-protective urge and his depth of emotions. He opens up to you only if he feels completely trusting of you, your feelings and intentions.

Here are signs a Cancer man is playing you. Just kidding!

This guy in love is very serious and wants to take you under his wings. For instance, when he starts acting like a slightly overbearing father figure, that’s when he seriously falls for you.

Read on to find out whether or not he has special feelings for you.

Top 5 Signs a Cancer Male Really Likes You

The man born under this water sign tends to be very serious.

You could have noticed that at the first time meeting him. It seems a bit daunting or intimidating if he doesn’t crack a smile; yet, if he has special feelings for someone, he will begin to feel at ease with that person.

Don’t feel annoyed if he makes a fun joke of you; instead, you should breathe a sigh of relief as it is certainly a huge shift in how he views you.

How to know a Cancerian man likes you if he hasn’t made a move yet?

1. He is always around you

He is always around you

When a Cancer man is not interested in someone, he will definitely not spend his time being with that person.

So if he likes you for real, he wants to be around you.

Does the Cancerian you are into keep showing up next to you?

Notice him and see if he appears suddenly whenever you’re doing something. Although he is a bit shy, he knows how to make chances for himself intentionally. The reason he likes being around you is because…you know, he likes you.

2. He is open to you

He is open to you

From what I know, this guy is not honest to his feelings. Lack of security, even if he falls for you, he will keep that little secret to himself.

If you want him to attract a Cancer man romantically, you should gain his trust.

Once he feels that you are trustworthy, he will slowly put down his guard and let you read his inner thoughts and secrets.

Cancer man is extremely protective of his heart because he easily gets hurt. He locks all of his emotions into the deepest corner where no one can approach. Hence, the moment he shows you what inside his heart, undoubtedly he is really into you.

Significantly, it’s a bad option to force him to commit or say ‘I love you’ before this guy is ready – there’s no rush to the finish line. Everything will come naturally when he makes sure about your love and your faithfulness.

3. He becomes jealous easily

He becomes jealous easily

How Cancer man shows interest?

The clearest sign is to notice his attitude towards you after seeing you talk to and laugh with other guys. Cancer man when interested will become very jealous. If seeing any guy displays his affections to you, the Crab feels unpleasant.

When you and your Cancer hang out, let’s pretend to laugh at another man’s jokes.
Then quickly observe his expression to see if he has any sign of jealousy, like sighing or making a sulky face.

If he does feel jealous, this is a sure sign that he likes you a lot.

You are his, and only his!

4. He is the man of action

He is the man of action

In love, this guy is not good at manifesting his affections verbally; actually, he believes that actions speak louder than words. This means, rather than telling you, he will display his inner feelings through body language.

So, if a Cancer male likes you, the best way is to look at his romantic gestures or the way he acts around you.

He will shower you with hugs, kisses, and lots of adorable jokes. Not yet, he will also show up with flowers and lovely gifts, or invite you to your favorite restaurant for a dinner.

Whenever has chance, he will spend his valuable time to be with you and do things making you happy. In general, Cancer is an ideal partner who always considers your emotions and needs.

Extremely sensitive, he will make sure you are in the top of his priority.

5. He is very protective towards you

He is very protective towards you

Many claim that Cancer is the most desired man of women.

That’s definitely true!

This guy is not the type that will leave his partner lonely at home while himself going out with his friends. As a family-orientated and reliable man, you can be rest-assured that he will stay by your side every Saturday and Sunday.

Cancer man in love is very protective, considerate, and thoughtful towards his woman. In any situation, he guarantees your safety, physically and emotionally.
In the future, he makes a good husband.

You will have such an incredible experience when getting involved with a Cancer romantically – he is always ready to drive you home, give you his coat, protect you from chaotic situations, etc.

Generally, he will do anything within his attempt to keep you safe.

How a Cancer Man Shows Love by Gestures?

How a Cancer Man Shows Love by Gestures

If there is one zodiac sign that is hard to read, it definitely has to be Cancer.

The male Cancerian, in particular, himself is a mystery, and any woman who is trying to win over his heart knows exactly what I am talking about, right?

He is the type of man who tends to hold onto his emotions. He is slow to tell ‘I love you’ as well as slow to commit to a relationship, so you are often left behind without knowing whether he is truly into you or not.

What subtle gestures show a Cancer man loves you?

Keep track of a few key signs below to get the answer you want:

  • He is likely to stare at you a lot, smile and laugh at what you say, perhaps even tease you as well.
  • He often looks for occasions starting the conversations with you; also, he will try to approach you closely and make eye contact.
  • He treats you in a different, special way, such as stroking your hair, holding your heavy stuff, wearing a cloak for you, etc.
  • He immediately recognizes your changes.
  • He learns and cares everything related to your interests.

Let’s check if your Crab man shows his loving actions to you or not.

Cancers feel deeply and sensitively. A guy ruled by the Moon is considered as an emotional creature; he rarely trusts anyone. However, if he reveals how he truly feels as well as his thoughts and dreams, it signifies his comfort and faithfulness with you.

This man, when falling in love, will show you his wild imagination, his craziest thoughts, his love for his family, and – most importantly – his feelings. Rather than approaching the ideal woman passionately, he tends to determine where you fit into his life and his world while observing you from a distance.

He’s known for being reserved and shy, so how to know if Cancer man loves you?

Never expect him to express his inner emotions to you just after couples of days ago, as he’s serious when it comes to heart matters.

In love, he is afraid of being rejected and always feels insecure. The only way to find out what he is thinking about you is by looking at his gestures.

In Conclusion

This guy enjoys sharing his life story with you. He, without hesitation, will spend his time asking you over for dinner and movie. When going out for a date, he makes sure that you always feel good. With a wicked sense of humor, if he tries to make you laugh, it’s definitely a good sign he is interested.

A Cancerian who adores you will find chances talking about you a lot to his friends.

He sometimes may feel shy around you, but he can’t stop staring you constantly. Most significantly, he will flirt the same way he jokes with his buddies, except with more excitement and a little attached.

Your Cancer man is a very protective and caring person since safety and security are his top priorities in life. It’s not surprising that whatever lies within his territory is kindly protected.

When he likes you, he will give you an extra attention, no matter where you are or what your surroundings. He will be extremely careful near you, and his behavior is nice towards you.

Generally, don’t try to find signs a Cancer man is playing you. Simply give him time to slowly display his act and behavior around you, and then you can tell he either likes you or just wants to mess with you.

For girls who are still wondering about this topic, leave your questions below for the best answers.

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