Top 7 Cancer Man Negative Traits That Girls Must Know

Here, we discuss about Cancer man negative traits that which type of bad he has, which things irritate to him.

There many negative things are present in the Cancer male. For example, he never wants to spend the money; instead, he simply saves it. This guy is always afraid.

He is also stubborn – he never changes his opinions even his are wrong. Don’t expect him to listen to the other!

In this article, you will find and read Cancer man negative characteristics.

What are Negative Traits of Cancer Male?

What are Negative Traits of Cancer Male

Men born between June 21st and July 22nd will come under Cancer zodiac sign.

The Cancer lies in the fourth position, belongs to water element, and is under the control of the Moon. The Crab is a main symbolization for the Cancer-born. In general, your man is kind and understanding.

He will give you all their attention as he won’t mind listening to your problems. But he also expects the same from you. Keep in mind that this guy does not take criticism well at all.

If you want to give him advice in case he’s approaching an issue the wrong way, choose your words very carefully.

The dark side of a Cancer man is that he is extremely jealous as well as holds grudges. He never forgets if you offend or make negative comments about him or his loved ones. He is also a big worrier, and can drive you up the wall with all the little things they worry about.

Cancer is prone to getting sick easily and requires rest, so do not wear him out. It’s mostly because he is so emotional; he just drains himself.

Below are some mostly known bad traits of the Cancer male:

1. Sensitive

As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer man can get easily hurt and cannot accept rejection or failure. Although he looks hard from outside, he is actually deeply sensitive by nature.

When something bad happens, he needs a home where he can retreat to.

2. Moody

The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon which is also the ruler of moods. No wonder why the Cancerian guy is so moody. His mood can depend on anything from location to people around him. The mood swings are unpredictable.

In fact, Cancer man is a much deeper and much more sensitive person than he appears to be.

3. Too cautious

He is cautious and timid; this is often very difficult to move him out of his comfort zone. He is not fond of change. Instead, he needs emotional stability and security before making any decision for a bigger change.

Cancer man should learn to let go and overcomes his insecurity. Then, he will see that there is nothing he can’t achieve.

4. Reserved

Your Cancer is often hiding his true intentions. Hence, it might take long time in disclosing his feelings. He often experiences difficulty in sharing his deepest emotions. He finds it hard to put into words.

5. Unpredictable

Because of his constantly changing mood and high sensitivity, Cancer man can be very unpredictable. Even if you know him for a long time, it might be difficult to predict his actions and behaviors.

He can also become restless very easily; any loud argument can cause him great distress.

6. Clingy

He tends to cling to the past.

In some cases, many Cancerians find it really hard to sympathize and forgive someone who made a serious bad mistake. They keep the old disagreements and critical comments in their mind instead of “let bygones be bygones”.

7. Oversensitive

Most Cancerians find that their emotion sometimes goes beyond their control. Besides, they feel confused about the meanings of their life whenever the pessimistic mood strives.

Overview of Cancer Male Horoscope Personality

Overview of Cancer Male Horoscope Personality

Has anyone heard an idiom “utterly nonsensical completely absurd”?

It refers to someone or something that is ridiculous or doesn’t make sense at all. Interestingly, for Vietnamese, such the idiom alludes to a sea creature which usually moves sideways regardless that this side is right or wrong: it’s the crab.

Among the 12 zodiac signs under the light of horoscope, Cancer takes the crab as its symbol. Thus, is the idiom true with Cancer sign? Are Cancerians stubborn and self-willed? Let’s examine the fourth zodiac sign today!

Aside from the bad traits, take following positive traits of the Crab gentleman into consideration:

Artistic tendency

Almost all Cancerians are gifted with a wonderful imagination and creativity regarding art, music, and poetry. Taking advantage of this strength, many Cancerians have gained marvelous success in the artistic field.

Sympathetic listeners

Being evaluated as helpful “shoulders” for trouble-having people, most Cancerians are willing to listen to their beloved’s and friends’ troubles. Thus, it is an ideal place for sharing and relieving sorrow.

Excellent memory

Cancerians are very good at recording the past events. They are sometimes considered as “resources for old and ancient things”.

Emotional sensitivity

It can be said that Cancerians are responsive and insightful friends who are kind-hearted and good enough to stand by their friends when needed. In terms of love, Cancerians are very loyal and spend a whole-hearted love for their life mate.

I just listed 7 Cancer man negative traits. Want more details?

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