Cancer Man In Love Signs: How To Tell When He Falls Deeply For You?

Are you a person who is in love with a male Cancerian?

Cancer (June 22nd – July 23rd) is described as a very closed-off individual who takes his time getting to know people, and he doesn’t trust easily.

He has the capability of knowing how others around him are feeling; however, reading his inner emotions is a truly challenge as he can be a bit random and moody.

Does Cancer man fall in love fast? Just like Cancer woman, the male Cancerian enjoys taking the sly route to romance. But, he is also inclined to fall in love quickly, as he’s a romantic too.

Extremely sensitive, this guy is great at communicating and talking about his feelings.

There is no mystery when he feels strongly about someone as he decides to let the feelings show at a certain time.

So, what are Cancer man in love signs?

Continue reading to find out the answer!

5 Signs a Cancer Man Loves You Absolutely

5 Signs a Cancer Man Loves You Absolutely

Is he truly into you? What things to know about a Cancer man in love?

How to know whether a Cancer male is into you?

Figuring out if he is into you is about interpreting his actions accurately. Cancer man shows his interest by taking care of the object of his desires. He tends to protect what he cares about most; this can manifest in many different ways.

Talking about signs when a Cancer man is into you, it’s really not easy to figure it out. Instead, it is a process. This guy needs to know that he can trust you. He has a lot to give. If someone takes it all away, he doesn’t want to end up as an empty shell.

Show him that you’re caring, with little things that to most people seem not significant.

To know his true feelings to you, check out 5 signs a Cancer man likes you here.

  1. He is the family man, comparing to other signs. So, once he introduces you to his family, you can tell that he is really into you.
  1. The Cancer male cooks for you? Then consider yourself lucky. He doesn’t cook often unless a special person makes them to do so.
  1. Cancer man, in my opinion, is infamous for hiding his secret sides to himself. He tends to lock his deeper emotions into a dark room and avoids everyone from stepping inside. So, if your Cancerian does open the door for you, he definitely has feelings for you.
  1. Is Cancer man the jealous type? Not really! However, if he truly has the connection with his partner, he will do everything to protect that connection every time everywhere he feels it’s necessary.
  1. According to most Cancer men, actions speak louder than words. In love, he will do little things for you whenever he can. He will hug you when you or he gets home. Greatly, he even makes sure to kiss you before you leave his sight.

He won’t necessarily be explicit about his feelings. His behaviors might seem a bit patronizing, but all are actually his attempt to keep you safe. For example, insisting on walking you to your car or helping you lift heavy stuff. Besides, he will pay a lot of attention to you and find excuses to hang out or be close to you.

In-depth Look of Cancer Man in Love

In-depth Look of Cancer Man in Love

Knowing what he wants and needs from a relationship is quite important.

Now, let me take you into the depths of a Cancer man’s psyche:

He expects his lady to be faithful and express signs of jealousy. Loyal at heart, he only looks for one ultimately good woman; and when he finds her, he will focus all his affection on her. He is very generous with gifts (flowers, chocolates, etc.)

He is a quite reserved person. I mean he seems flirty but also very shy. Amongst all the zodiac guys, he is not the most straightforward. In fact, he is always trying to hide his sensitivity with a hard exterior.

Aside from being reserved, he’s a traditional man that any girl would be lucky to have.

This guy craves for stability and is super protective of his mate. He is also referred to as the mama’s boy because he tends to build a close relationship with his mom. The close bond with the feminine side is the reason drives the Cancer male’s sensitivity.

This guy can be difficult to read on lots of levels, including a romantic one. Born under a deeply emotional sign, all he need is the security. In any kind of relationships, he has to feel safe before giving his heart to the one he admires. Also, he is, as the sign of the Crab, is famously moody.

Type of Woman Cancer Man is Surely Attracted

Type of Woman Cancer Man is Surely Attracted

The male born under Cancer zodiac sign is very emotional and family-oriented. Family is always his top priority – extremely responsible, he will assure to bring happiness and safety to his loved ones.

When it comes to finding his life partner, the woman showering him with love and affection will capture his attention. Also, she must know how to take care of all members in the family well.

In the following are top 5 qualities that Cancer man seeks in a woman:

1. She is family-oriented

From every man’s perspective, especially the male Cancerian, a woman who shows great respect to both her family and her man’s is definitely a good choice to commit in a long-term relationship.

Value his parents and you already leave an unforgettable impression to a Cancer.

I’m pretty sure that Cancer men who are planning to start a family would agree with me about this point.

2. She is consistent

This guy wants a consistent partner as he takes love very seriously.

Insecure and sensitive, Cancer does not trust anyone easily. Before making a commitment to someone, he needs to know whether or not that person is reliable to invest in.

Thus, in order to make him more open to you, show your consistency. This valuable virtue will let your Cancer man realize your feelings to him. Once he is certain with your love, he will become a man of affections.

3. She is loving and affectionate

Emotional and easy to get hurt, he also expects a loving partner who can share with him difficulties on the emotion level.

For a Cancer man, affection is important. The bond between you and him can grow strongly by holding hands, hugging, just being next to each other. Even stay close together can create a connection.

4. She is empathetic and understanding

How to know when Cancer man is truly in love with someone?

His ideal partner must be a supportive and compassionate person who can’t stop encouraging him to work towards goals in life.

Being empathetic and understanding your man is the key to a successful relationship. Life of a married couple is full of challenges. You and your mate are supposed to get the back of each other so that you two can face any trouble together.

Cancer man does not want to stay with a woman who keeps depressing him. Sometimes he does need a great support and a shoulder to cry on.

5. She willingly puts effort in the relationship

When getting involved in a romantic relationship, the Cancerian male is like giving his all for his significant one. If you do love him, you should also make him happy.

A long-lasting relationship needs the effort from both sides.

He doesn’t need you to put much; instead, it can be something simple like buying him coffee while he’s working. Undoubtedly, the passion will slowly cool down if you two get together for a long time.

If you want to be with a Cancer, you should never let things turn out like that.


In general, he seeks a gentle partner who will accept his genuine kindness and beautiful romantic gestures. He will love her even more if she feels grateful for everything he does within the relationship, especially the thing he is not asked to do.

A nagging woman who only takes the Cancer man for granted is quickly out of the question.

You must be willing to get to know him, since he does not open up easily and is reserved when he first meets someone new. Loving him requires a great deal of patience – the important attribute that a Cancerian guy’s lover should have.

Furthermore, he needs someone who is also looking for a long-term relationship, or someone who will be completely loyal and eventually want to start a happy family.

It will be great if he can find a woman who wants to share her own dreams with him.

The beginning with Cancer man in love may take quite some time, but once he becomes comfortable with his companion, he will be the man of every girl’s dream.

This traditional, conventional fellow will open the door for his woman, give her pretty flowers, and pick her up to carry her across puddle so she won’t get dirty. In all situations, he is nothing but a true gentleman who is obviously a huge catch for a lucky lady.

If he has shown you any interest, he is actually into you; or, that is when you know you truly matter to your Cancer guy.

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