Is Cancer Man Jealous When Falling In Love (Find Out HERE…?)

How a Cancer behaves in love?

Considered as a sign with the gentle personality; however, when it comes to love, Cancer is jealous too. In a love relationship, people born under this zodiac sign are clingy, possessive and jealous at time. Sometimes, their jealousy reaches to the extreme that they have no awareness of what they have done.

Is Cancer man jealous, especially?

Well, just like any other zodiac sign, male Cancerians can get a bit jealous sometimes.

Not many people know, but a little jealousy is healthy in a relationship – making many open communications is the key. However, that takes a lot of work and is harder for those who just start dating a Cancer man.

How do Cancers act in a love romance?

A Cancer in love is beyond the imagination. They could become more reckless than an Aries or even more suspicious than a Scorpio. There are times they may get upset and angry if unable to control their emotions.

The reason to the Cancer’s jealousy is – these individuals always feel insecure with everything around them. Thus, when seeing the loved one interacts with the opposite sex, they will immediately build up the fence.

Read on to understand your partner better, girls.

How Can You Tell Cancer Man Jealous?

How Can You Tell Cancer Man Jealous

In a romantic relationship, is it possible to spot a Cancer man jealous signs?

Do they hide jealousy or just show it?

Once involved in a romance, Cancer will become attached to their loved one.

They cannot stop thinking about that person, or keep texting questions like “Have you eaten yet?” “How are you doing?” “When will you go home?” If you are attracted by a Cancer, get ready to be constantly cared.

Interestingly, symbolized by the Crab, the Cancerians have some iconic characteristics, for example: when achieving something, they will not let it slip out of their hands. Even when there’s a crack appearing in their relationship, the Cancer still holds on and cannot let go.

Naively oblivious, they are the last to notice a cheating partner as they are blindly in love. However, do not assume these guys are completely clueless. When they get jealous, they will keep it bottled up inside.

Once the jealousy has turned into resentment, nothing you can do will make them forgive you.

As a water sign, male Cancerians are very possessive yet not so obvious about it. Instead of giving you outbursts, they will offer lots of sulks and pouts. But don’t worry much as it’s a typical behavior of Cancer zodiac sign.

What are signs Cancer men jealous? How do they often act when getting jealous?

Check out the following for signs telling your Cancer partner is jealous – these may help you know if his jealousy has reached the limit yet.

The jealous Cancer man will firstly be quiet. Later he may become mad if you want to talk to him or have his attention.

This guy will ask a series of questions yet not believe a single answer you give him. He tends to cut the conversation short and decides to forget about it; sadly, it doesn’t help ease him much.

Sometimes he may act like he has no interest in what you’re talking or explaining about.
He will check on every guy around you as well as those following you on social media.
He shows a big uninterest when hearing you talking about another guy.

9/10 times the Cancer will make a rude remark to make you feel bad about yourself.

Reasons of a jealous Cancer man…

The answer is because they are highly emotional people.

Both Cancer male and female normally wear their hearts on their sleeves. To them, security is their top priority in life.

Born under a water sign, the Cancer men jealousy can be moody sometimes – some may become incredibly quiet while others seem upbeat. Astrologically, Cancer is the most emotional in the zodiac, so chances are men of this sign will not show their jealousy as they are sensitive and easily shy.

The majority of Cancers hate the feeling rejection. If a Cancer feels something for you but senses that you don’t want to get closer to him, it’s like being rejected. Overall, he is terribly sensitive and insecure.

He is normally very courteous and well-mannered; yet, he has the tendency to hide behind his crab shell when being jealous towards someone. This guy is known to be sentimental and to get attached to the loved one.

Thus, the idea of you getting interested in another guy hurts him deeply, and later he might withdraw or even lash out.

That’s why almost mostly male Cancerians, in love relationships, do want to know whether the woman is emotionally invested as the way they are before showing their true feelings.

In short, are Cancer men jealous?

Yes, a Cancer man acting jealous is more possessive in a relationship. It’s because they, most of time, feel insecure, inferior, and afraid. Still, they make a great partner who you can rely on.

Tips to cool down his jealousy

In love, this guy is a loving, caring partner who will always treat his loved one with tolerance and forgiveness. If conflicts frequently happen in the relationship of a Cancer, then he will try to find the fault from both sides.

In order to calm his partner, Cancer man will change himself positively if he knows what he did is really wrong.

The downsides of the Cancer characteristics are suspicion, jealousy, and not enough confidence. Therefore, Cancerians easily follows their emotions. If you have a close relationship with someone else other than the Cancer, the Crab then will get envious, can’t stop inferring and even hurt themselves.

When involved in a romance, Cancer man already dreamed of the home with a dedicated wife and lovely children.

So, how to soothe a jealous and suspicious male Cancer?

Your man is quite down-to-earth, emotional and sensitive. For those who want to calm his jealousy, you should take care of them more. The thing is that he is a boy seeking your attention. Simply give him attention and some loving gestures or sweet words to make up for your mistake.

Understanding a Cancer Man Jealous in Love

Understanding a Cancer Man Jealous in Love

For those who know a Cancer man well, you will realize immediately that he’s jealous and possessive.

If you are dating this guy, keep in mind that all he needs is the emotional security and trust from the partner, like any of us for sure. Nevertheless, his requirement is really on another level.

In case he feels that he can’t put his faith in you, then the jealous and possessive side inside this insecure dude will come out in a major way.

Don’t be shocked if hearing his unpleasant or even nasty comments about what you’re wearing. Furthermore, he will constantly ask you a variety of questions about what you’re doing and who you’re with – this really gives you a sense of living under your parents’ roof as a teenager.

Extremely sensitive and negative, the male Cancer can act exaggeratedly over small issues sometimes. Hence, if you do things that seem unbearable to him, he will explode terribly. In the meantime, all you should do is staying quiet, or you will be scolded.

Cancer man has no patience at times like this!

Because of his sensitive nature, he will become withdrawn and pessimistic if being offended or criticized.

The best way to deal with a jealous Cancer is to make him feel secure and give him your attention he always needs. Rest assured that he will definitely be much better if you do so.

Please be patient when handling an angry Cancer!

What does it mean if he acts jealous?

The only reason for his extra jealousy towards you is because your Cancer man likes you a lot. When seeing other guys show their affections to you, he can do nothing but getting jealous. This guy does not want to share his things, especially you.

Is Cancer Man Trying to Make You Jealous?

Is Cancer Man Trying to Make You Jealous

If this Crab guy is following his plan to make you jealous, that explains he truly cares about what you think. The thing is; not many male Cancerians try to make women jealous or play hard to get.

The Cancer will approach the lady himself or give clear signs courteously to let the lady know his feelings if he finds her attractive.

Nonetheless, I advise you not to take control of the game; otherwise, it would turn him off and he may be gone.

Instead, be open up about your inner sentiments to give Cancer man the security he is craving for. Make deeper conversations until you are able to gain his trust. Once he feels secure and safe when being with you, it’s time to enjoy a romantic ride where you will be pampered with love.

The biggest reason for a Cancer man in true love jealousy is because of his fear of rejection. Thus, if you want to be officially in a relationship with this guy, you’ll have to make the first move.

He would love if his partner cares about the same things as he does. Let him know that home or family is very important to you. When attracting a Cancer man, do not rush or approach too passionately as he is somewhat shy and reserved.

Before giving you the response, he needs to know that you truly have feelings for him.

Never think of how to make a Cancer jealous if you want to be in a marriage with this person. He will not forgive as well as forget the woman playing games with his love and sincerity.

Once you and a Cancer man get married, you should be a wife that enables to gain his absolute trust. As he is a family man, your ultimate goal is to make your home safe and cozy from the outside world. Pamper him with sweet messages or candlelit dinners, and do not forget to compliment him often.

Your emotional support is everything to your Cancerian husband.

If a Cancer man is not that into you, then you will immediately know.

Even though he may find you attractive, he will do nothing if his heart does not lie on you. Don’t mistake that he is interested in being with you if he visits you at 2 AM. Once he does not like you, then it’s better to move on.

He may be gentle and emotional; yet when it comes to making a decision, he is very determined. No one can change the mind of a Cancer man.

Now that you gain a glimpse into the unmistakable signs of the Cancer man jealous possessive and how to deal with it, you no longer have to be intimidated. You finally know what jealousy signs of the Crab to be noticed.

Overview of Cancer Male Love Compatibility

Overview of Cancer Male Love Compatibility

Day after day, more and more people come to horoscope and ask for their love compatibility on the basis of their zodiac signs.

It may occur that you are born under the Cancer sign (June 22 – July 22), and are wondering about your love compatibility with other signs. Under the light of horoscope, it is concurred that man born under the Cancer sign is best suited for other water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) and earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn).

Best matches

Among the 12 zodiac signs, 4 signs which can establish a smooth-sailing love with Cancer are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Let’s examine love between Aries and Cancer as an illustration. Astrologically, Taurus is very dependable and impatient while Cancer is also dependable and clingy. Hence, both need each other’s existence in order to keep the home fires burning.

In addition, both Taurus and Cancer are willing to put their effort and energy into their home and children so that they can make their love vital and alive as time passes.

Possible matches

Such the signs are Libra, Leo, Capricorn, and Cancer. For instance, it is convinced that both the Crabs can understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses more profoundly. So, why aren’t they the best match? It is mainly because both are too oversensitive to sympathize and forgive each other’s mistakes.

Being clung to the past, they waste a lot of time remembering and blaming each other for the past mistakes instead of spending time nurturing the present love.

Worst matches

They include Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Briefly, the Air signs and Fire signs are not ideal for a Water sign like Cancer to form a well-matched love. Thus, it is advised to avoid falling in love with such the signs for the benefit of a long-term love.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Cancer men are very sensitive. They fall in love easily but really take a long time to fall out. It is because their mind is always controlled by their heart.

They have quite an interesting social circle; for example, they tend to keep close relationships with people surrounding. With individuals whom they meet for the first time, these guys can easily make friends.

That is also another reason explaining why your Cancer man is often jealous, not only with you but also with his close friends.

He is actually a deep and thoughtful person. Like Pisces, Cancer is given the ability of inferring every situation in which he gets involved. When seeing his partner next to someone, especially the opposite sex, he can’t stop asking but does not expect the unwanted answer.

They usually deceive themselves with negative answers, since they are afraid of getting hurt.

Well, at the end, Cancer man acting jealous is just because he truly loves you. Once determined you are the right person, he already have thought of commitment and future. This guy has an ultimate dream of “homes and children” every night.

With such a strong connection, he is unable to bear with if being hurt, betrayed or rejected. This is the feeling that not only the Cancer but also all zodiac signs feel worried about, right?

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