How To Understand A Cancer Woman (In-depth Look Into Her Traits)

Are you attracted by a Cancer woman?

You’ve not found any way to enter her heart at this moment; therefore, knowing more about her personalities will be surely the first step you need to do.

The people belonging to Cancer zodiac sign have the birth date between 22nd June and 22nd July. Cancer is the 4th sign of horoscope and is symbolic of a crab and is ruled by the moon. Personalities of a Cancer woman depend on prominent features of the crab and the moon.

Just as the hard crab, she is a persistent and strong willed person who always puts high efforts on reaching her own dreams.

How to understand a Cancer woman?

The followings will show you the answer.

Cancer Female Prominent Traits

Cancer Female Prominent Traits

A Cancer woman is supposed to be fluid, peaceful and passionate like water. Because the symbol of this sign is a crab, so the Crab lady looks tough like the crab shell, but she is actually mushy from the inside.

For guys who would like to flirt with women belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign, here is something they should know.

Friendly and Caring

The Cancer female will easily attract the other ones to her large and expressive eyes. The best qualities to identify her are friendly and caring. It’s not denied that she looks tough from the outside, but when being closer to her, we will recognize that she is actually loving and caring.

This woman is surely a person we can trust in because she can immediately appear to help her friends in trouble.

Emotional and Sensitive

Perhaps, the mushy feature from the inside of the crab has created emotional and sensitive personalities of Cancer women.

When meeting her at the first time, we can not surely spot these traits because her crab shell is too hard. However, coming to her insights, we are surprised to recognize that all of her thoughts, decisions and actions often stem from the emotional foundation.

Furthermore, if someone has hurt her, she will keep this grudge forever.

Loyal and Honest

If defining a serious relationship with a Cancer woman, guys should have loyal and honest personalities. She will surely become a loyal partner in this relationship, and do everything to bring happiness for her love, so her requirement is also his absolute faithfulness.

For her, a perfect partner is a person who understands, follows her emotional needs and gives her love and care. Her ideal husband in the future can belong to some zodiac signs such as Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.

Moody and Intuitive

It’s interesting when they say emotions of a Cancer similar to a musical note changed in tunes. In fact, she is very moody. We can make her funny by exciting jokes, but just a few minutes later, she is likely to get heavy sadness back.

What’s more?

Her ability to read thoughts in the mind of the other ones is fairly good, so it’s probably said that she can become a potential psychic to help them find solutions to their individual problems.

Cancer Woman in Relationships

Cancer Woman in Relationships

1. Love romance

A Cancer is very slow to start falling in love, and seemingly refuses to rush towards love. However, once she has won the heart of someone, she will become a protective and devoted lover with the absolute faithfulness.

Therefore, it’s too hard for her to forgive the person who has betrayed her; it’s certain that she will carry this grudge until the life’s end.

As same as a little crab, this lady is very shy and reserved in front of matters of the heart. One special thing is that when really desiring to enter someone’s life, she is always patient to overcome all obstacles to reach the true love.

Another trait to identify a Cancer woman is sensitive, and easily hurt, yet her partner needs to understand her emotions and tactfully behaves towards her.

2. Friendship

One of the most attractive personalities of a Cancer woman is friendly and kind-hearted.

At the first time, we probably find it difficult to discover this trait because she carries the cold and hard crab shell in front of strangers. However, when her friends meet troubles in life, she will stay by their side and try to give them the best solutions no matter how difficult these problems are.

Besides, being a person who knows to listen to the other ones, she is always trusted by her friends.

3. Family

Being known as an emotional person, the Cancer female considers her family as the most significant thing in her life. She loves her husband with the absolute faithfulness, tries to come home after work to take care of her children, and brings warm space for her family.

For her, all things in a family must be filled with love and care.

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