• Cancer Personality

    Up to now, a popular interest in Horoscope still persists as a large number of people strongly believe in the miraculous benefits of Horoscope prophecy. It may occur that you are born under the Cancer sign (June 22 – July 22) or you are uncontrollably falling in love with a Cancer man or woman. Anyway, whether you want to gain self-knowledge or strive for an explanation of why your Cancer beloveds behave in the way that they do, let’s get a clear perspective on Cancer Personality under the light of Horoscope today.

    Cancerians and their ego identities
    Cancerians and their ego identities

    • Dependence
      Many people concur that Cancerians are quite dependable. However, it is worth pointing out that such the dependence doesn’t allude to the physical or material things in life. What Cancerians’ need is the emotional support and encouragement from others as they are happy only when they have a group of close friends or family members.
    • Emotional sensitivity
      Cancerians are sympathetic listeners as they are sensitive enough to understand, share and comfort trouble-having people. However, sometimes they are moody and easily influenced by others’ critical comments. Most Cancerians are ruled by emotion. Hence, whenever the pessimistic mood strives, their emotion goes beyond their control, so they feel ultimately confused about the meaning of their life.
    • Imaginative ability
      Owning wonderful imagination and creativity, Cancerians are destined with artistic tendency namely art, poetry, music, films, etc. However, “every bean has its black”. Some Cancerians may overly imagine and overstate the problems. Then, it drives them to be under excessive nervousness and anxiety. In that sense, they will conceal themselves in their own protective shell which prevents them from others’ assistance and leads them to self-pity as well.
    • Good memory
      Most Cancerians are blessed with an admirable ability to record the past events. They hold a strong interest in the old and ancient things. However, being clung to the past prevents dozens of the Cancerians from forgiving others’ mistakes. Such the mistakes still exist in their mind. Hence, how can they take at ease to “let bygones by bygones”? It is the matter of time.

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