• Cancer Sign Characteristics

    It is taken for granted that all of us have even at least one time looked at the night sky to see the beauty of stars, right? Beside their beauty, it is informed that the stars’ positions can form numerous patterns such as the Ram, the Bull, the Twins, the Lion, the Crab, etc. Ever look at the night sky during the month of February? You will see a constellation which forms a pattern like the Crab. Such the pattern represents the fourth Zodiac sign – Cancer.

    Cancer’s Symbol – The Crab

    The crabs usually move sideways. In the same sense, Cancerians sometimes keep their own options regardless of others’ controversy and disagreement. They tend to have indirect conflicts. Besides, the Crab’s body is covered with a shell for self-protection and resistance. Similarly, many Cancerians show their exterior protection, so it really takes time in order to establish a long-term relationship with a Cancer man or woman.

    Cancer Sign Characteristics
    Cancer Sign Characteristics

    Generally speaking, almost all Cancerians are good at imagination and creativity in terms of artistic field like poetry, art, music, films, etc. Some famous people who were born under Cancer sign include Angelina Jolie, Stephen King, Julia Roberts, Lisa Bonet, and so forth. Being grouped into Water element, Cancerians are well-known for their emotional sensitivity and compassion. In love, a Cancer man turns to be very possessive as he provides fierce protection for their beloveds like “the knights in shining armor”, for instance.

    However, it is occurred that many Cancerians are likely to cling to the past since they own a good memory of the old and ancient things. Thus, they find it hard to forgive someone who behaved in such the bad way to them. In some cases, Cancerians are quite conservative as they hold a strong interest in the past scenario.

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